Taxpayer Service Center

Center Overview

The Taxpayer Service Center provides quality service and information to Polk County residents and taxpayers. The services provided include:

  • Driver’s licensing
  • Election administration
  • Property tax administration
  • Property valuations and assessments
  • Vehicle licensing and registration

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Available Records & Other Information

The information available from the Taxpayer Service Center includes:

  • Birth, death, and marriage records
  • Ditch assessments
  • Property tax amounts
  • Real estate records


The services available at the Taxpayer Service Center are located in the Polk County Government Center. The following can be accessed on the second floor of the Government Center:

  • Birth, death, and marriage records
  • Licensing (including motor vehicle and registrations)
  • Property, taxes, and maps including:
    • Classifications
    • Ditch management
    • Real estate records
    • Special assessments
    • Tax amounts
    • Valuations


For additional tax information please review the following:

Tax Statements

Property Tax Statements are the original tax statements produced to the taxpayers of record as of January 2nd of each tax year and do not reflect any abatements or changes made after the original statements were calculated. Statements available for property taxes payable in 2012 through the present.