Auditor & Treasurer

Polk County Truth-in-Taxation Supplemental Information


The Auditor-Treasurer’s office, oversees the County’s finances and elections. Responsibilities include:

  • Annual summary budgets
  • Collection of special assessments and delinquent taxes
  • Collection of taxes for real estate, personal property and mobile homes
  • County capital asset records
  • Forfeited property due to delinquent taxes
  • Funds received and disbursed by the county
  • Grant funding and other government financial reporting
  • Management of investments and checking accounts
  • Missing heirs monies
  • Year end audits and creation of the annual financial statements

Additional Responsibilities

The Polk County Auditor-Treasurer’s office is also responsible for administration of elections which includes:

  • Administers issuance of liquor and auctioneer licenses
  • Election training for all County election judges
  • Maintaining voter registration information
  • Organization of materials and equipment for election day
  • Other activity leading up to the election, on election day and post election required paperwork

Property Taxes

Review the following property tax information:

Tax Statements

Property Tax Statements are the original statements produced to the taxpayers of record as of January 2nd of each tax year and do not reflect any abatements or changes made after the original statements were calculated. Statements available for property taxes payable in 2012 through the present.