Sheriff Car

Deputies are licensed by the Minnesota Board of Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST). They are a direct representative of the Sheriff and have taken an oath to uphold the constitution and to protect and serve all people within their jurisdiction. All Deputies are required to attend continuing education and training each year.


The Patrol division of the Polk County Sheriff's Office consists of the front line deputies and are responsible to keep the peace in the county. They respond to and investigate all crimes which may include criminal complaints and death scene investigations. Our patrol division currently consists of 11 full-time road deputies, 2 contract deputies assigned to the city of Fosston and 2 patrol sergeants, who oversee the division. The patrol deputies are responsible for patrolling over 2,000 square miles in Polk County providing traffic enforcement, complaints, and crash investigations. All Deputies are trained in First Aid / C.P.R, use of a defibrillator, and often respond to emergency medical situations.

Additional Duties

Patrol also serves civil papers, enforces court orders, provides school patrol and educational programs. They may also assist our Court/Transport Division to provide security for the courthouse, and serve in the court room as Bailiffs. There are times they are required to guard and transport prisoners. Other functions include Towards Zero Death (TZD) traffic enforcement as well as boat and water patrol. 

Deputies are responsible for safety on the waterways whether open water or frozen. They conduct search and rescue or recovery efforts on both land and water.