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To view all Polk County Assessor real estate and sales information, please visit the Polk County Assessor's Site.


The Polk County Assessor’s office is entrusted with the responsibility of estimating the market value and determining the classification of each piece of property (parcel) in Polk County for property tax purposes.

Valuation must meet the standards established by Minnesota Statues and the Minnesota Department of Revenue.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Applies appropriate classification rates
  • Appraises all property at actual market value
  • Compiles taxable values for each taxing authority
  • Conducts public meetings to discuss those values
  • Determines the current classification/use of the property
  • Informs property owners of their estimated value
  • Interactive Mapping Site
  • Polk County Real Estate Search
    • Property Tax Statements are now available through the Polk County Real Estate Search. For instructions on finding and viewing tax statements please view the Property Tax Statements Search page.