Special Burns

For companies that wish to maintain security/confidential burning of records/documents, gambling pull-tabs, confiscated materials etc., the Polk County Incinerator offers this service for a charge of $150 per ton and a minimum charge of 200 pounds of $15 plus a Solid Waste Management (SWM) tax of 17%.

This is also offered to Polk County residents at no charge. Other non-county residents can for the same charge as the company charge.

Monday - Friday 08:30am to 3:30 pm - please call ahead of delivering in case of shut down.

Pharmaceutical Drug Disposal

Confiscated materials / pharmaceutical drug disposal is accepted by appointment only. All materials must be brought in handling size boxes and brought to the front office where it can be weighed and disposed of properly.


Disposal tip fee equals $150 (Base Fee) plus $0.50 per pound (Tip Fee) plus Solid Waste Management Tax (SWMT).

SWMT shall be calculated on the tip fee only at the following rates, as required by state law:

  • 9.75% for Pharmaceutical Waste (Pharm Disposal program limited to Residential Waste)
  • 17% for Confiscated Waste (Law Enforcement is classified as Commercial Waste)

Example - 120 pound load:

  • If Pharmaceutical Waste: $150 (Base Fee) plus $60 (Tip Fee) plus $5.85 (SWMT at 9.75%) equals $215.85
  • If Confiscated Waste: $150 (Base Fee) plus $60 (Tip Fee) plus $10.20 (SWMT at 17%) equals $220.20