Environmental Services

The Crookston Transfer Station and Fosston Incinerator are open to the public and accepting wastes from self-hauling.  The Crookston transfer station facility is only accepting recyclables during normal business hours (Monday 7am-7pm) and (Tuesday-Friday 7am-5:30pm).  Large yard waste loads will not be accepted past 6:30pm (Monday) or past 5:00pm (Tuesday-Friday).  This is to ensure our employees are done with work at the times listed above.

We ask that residents that are visibly sick not enter any building to keep from exposing our staff to COVID-19 or any other sickness.  We appreciate your cooperation and we aim to continue to provide our residents with all our services. 

The product exchange services are open for HHW products available for residents to pickup at our facility.  

Crookston Transfer Station 218-281-6445 Fosston Incinerator 218-435-6501

Polk County Environmental Services consists of the Planning and Zoning, Solid Waste Transfer Station, Recycling, and Household Hazardous Waste Departments.

Environmental Services is located at the Polk County Transfer Station in Crookston, Minnesota. The Transfer Station is located at 320 Ingersoll Avenue (South end of town in the Industrial Park).Hub And Spoke Banner

Polk County participates in 9-County Hub & Spoke Project 

Polk County is seeking funding through State and Federal grants to assist 9 Minnesota Counties with the Hub & Spoke concept of construction and demolition waste management.  Another major component to the project consists of upgrading existing facilities and possible new sites to collect the waste, then reduce, reuse and recycle materials which can be utilized for beneficial reuses. The spokes will act as collection sites that transport C&D materials that cannot be reused or recycled to the Hubs for disposal.  14 spokes and 2 major hubs were outlined in a comprehensive study of C&D material management within the partner counties.  With this study significant costs will be needed to create such a waste management C&D system. To avoid burdening contractors and residents with unrealistic costs to dispose of C&D materials the Counties are actively seeking funding sources to help subsidize the local costs of this large project.  This Hub & Spoke system for C&D material management would be a first of its' kind in Minnesota.  

For additional information check out our website at: www.nwregionalhubandspoke.com

Planning & Zoning

Polk County Planning and Zoning Department is charged with interpreting, applying, and enforcing the rules and regulations found within the Polk County Zoning Ordinance and those required by State or Federal Law.

Polk County Aquatic Invasive Species Taskforce

In 2015 Polk County formed an Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Taskforce to help in the fight against aquatic invasive species within the County.

Solid Waste Management

View information about the role of Solid Waste Management.

Organics Program

Polk County is proud to announce the Residential Organics Collection Program which will be available soon at the Crookston Transfer Station. The organics program aims to allow residents to collect their organics within their household and drop it off at the transfer station. Residents that are interested in collecting compostable organic waste within their households should contact Environmental Services at 218-281-6445 or email at environmental.svs@co.polk.mn.us 

During the Governors Stay at home order we are finalizing the program plans and will open this program to the public once the Governor deems it safe to operate. The first step in getting started with your own at home collection of organics is to get on a list of interested participants for the program. Contact staff at the transfer station to get on this interested household list. All we need to get a household signed up is an email or phone call with your name, address and contact information either email or phone number.