Mobile Homes

Payment Due Dates

Payment due dates are as follows:

  • May 15: 1st Half Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes Due
  • August 31: 1st Half Mobile Home Property Taxes Due
  • October 15: 2nd Half Real Estate Property Taxes Due
  • November 15: 2nd Half Agricultural and Mobile Home Property Taxes Due

Late Payment Penalties

Review the Mobile Home Late Payment Penalties (PDF).

Payment Options

By Mail

Your payment must be postmarked on or before the due date or penalties will apply. Checks should be made payable to Polk County Auditor-Treasurer. Pre-addressed envelopes are included with your tax statement.

In Person

Current property taxes can be paid by check or cash at the Auditor/Treasurer's office.

Selling a Mobile Home & Transferring Title

When selling your mobile home, you must transfer title to the new owner at a Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicle Office. A mobile home title is transferred the same as a motor vehicle except no excise tax is collected. Title fees and secured party fees are the same as for other transfers.

To transfer the title, take your current Certificate of Title and a tax clearance form from the Treasurer of the county in which the mobile home was located which states that all the personal property mobile home taxes have been paid on the unit. Once you have transferred title, the new owner is required by Polk County to fill out a mobile home data request. This will transfer the taxes into the new owner’s name. Also, if the new owner would like to homestead the mobile home they will have to fill out a mobile home homestead form.

Tax Statements

If you do not transfer title to the new owner, Polk County will assume you are still the owner. Tax statements will continue to be issued in your name. Any delinquent taxes will be submitted for collection under your name to the Minnesota Department of Revenue Recapture Unit. The amount owing will become tax liens, deducted from any State of Minnesota refunds or lottery winnings you may have coming.

See the Application to Move and Transfer Title Form (PDF).

Moving a Mobile Home

If you are planning to move your mobile home, whether it is by a professional mover or by yourself, you must have a Tax Clearance form (PDF) signed by the Polk County Auditor-Treasurer stating there are no current year or delinquent taxes owing on the mobile home.