The Recorder's Office files, records, and maintains legal documents pertaining to real and personal property. Various forms of deeds, mortgages, bankruptcies, mechanic liens, probate papers, corporate name changes, and plat maps are recorded here. 

Government Land Survey

The Recorder also keeps the original government land survey with a tract index. The index gives a history of what has happened to a piece of land dating back to 1875. When individuals borrow money for personal property such as a snowmobile, piano, machinery, or to borrow against a crop, the lender files a finance statement referred to as a UCC. However, UCCs are no longer filed on a county level. Please visit the Minnesota Secretary of State website for more information.


The Recorder’s Office also has records of births, deaths, and marriages dating back to 1875. All of the records in this office are considered public information and as such, are used by many people such as abstract companies, attorneys, bankers, and private individuals.

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Polk County accepts eRecorded documents. Electronic recording, "eRecording," enables title companies, lenders, law firms and others to electronically record documents via the internet with the Polk County Recorder. Electronic recording is rapidly becoming the preferred method to submit documents for recording because it saves time, money, and paper. All documents can be eRecorded.