Disability Certificates


Applications for Disability Certificates can be picked up at the office or mailed to you. Call the office at 218-281-5423 if you need an application.

The disabled individual must fill out the top of the application and sign. The individual's doctor must fill out the bottom and sign. If the certificated is valid for "Temporary" or "Short-term" there is a $5 fee that needs to accompany the application.

Temporary Disability Certificate

Bring the properly signed application in to the office and we will send it in and give you a 30 temporary disability certificate for the disabled individual to use until they receive their certificate from the State of Minnesota. (usually takes 4 to 6 weeks).

Duplicate Certificate

If you need a duplicate certificate because yours was lost, stolen or damaged the disabled individual must only fill out the top of the application. The doctor section does not need to be filled in again.

Permanent Certificate

If you have a permanent certificate (good for 6 years) that is about to expire the state will be sending you a post-card like form that you need to sign and mail back to them and they will in turn mail out another permanent certificate.