Ag & Drainage


The Polk County Ag and Drainage Department oversees and maintains 135 drainage systems. These drainage systems total to over 770 miles throughout Polk County. 

The Ag and Drainage Department also manages a noxious weed control program within its roadways and ditches as well as offering testing opportunities for those seeking a pesticide applicators license.

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YearROW Roadside TreatedDitch CleaningMaintenance and Repair Actions CompletedCattail ControlBrush Control
2001n/a18 miles14570 milesn/a
2002n/a27 miles64149 milesn/a
2003950 acres50 miles102173 milesn/a
20041,150 acres30 miles107164 milesn/a
20051,150 acres13 miles146172 milesn/a
20061,390 acres13 miles96122 milesn/a
20071,900 acres14 miles87133 milesn/a
20082,456 acres10 miles78113 milesn/a
20091,420 acres7 miles147133 milesn/a
2010815 acres10.5 miles187100 milesn/a
2011563 acres43 miles8670 milesn/a
20121,524 acres20 miles4640 milesn/a
20131,338 acres10 miles3420 milesn/a
20141,039 acres10.5 miles56203 milesn/a
20151,537 acres3.5 miles91116 miles56 acres
20162,268 acres12.5 miles92160 miles24 acres
20171,890 acres18.25 miles129182 miles55 acres
20181,854 acres2.75 miles77168 miles10 acres
20191,020 acres2 miles105143 miles140 acres
20201,367 acres6.5 miles150166 miles21.5 acres



Notice is hereby given this 15th day of May 2023, pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Section 18.83, Subdivision 1 (2009) that all persons in Polk County, Minnesota, shall control or eradicate all noxious weeds on land they occupy or are required to maintain.  Control or eradication may be accomplished by any lawful method, but the method(s) applied may need to be repeated in order to prevent the spread of viable noxious weed seeds and other propagating parts to other lands.  Failure to comply with the general notice may mean that an individual notice, Minnesota Statutes, Section 18.83, Subdivision 2 (2009), will be issued.  An individual notice may be appealed within two working days of receipt to the appeal committee in the county where the land is located.  Failure to comply with an individual notice will result in the inspector having jurisdiction to either hire a third party to complete the work or seek a misdemeanor charge against the person(s) who failed to comply.  If it becomes necessary for the inspector to hire a third party, the costs incurred will be placed as a tax upon the land and collected as other real estate taxes are collected. 

The supervisors of each town board and the mayor of each city shall act as local weed inspectors.  They shall examine all lands, including highways, roads, alleys, and public grounds within their respective municipalities and see that the control or eradication of noxious weeds has been carried out.

A list of the plants that are designated as noxious can be obtained from the Polk County Ag and Drainage web page at Polk County Ag and Drainage website or by contacting the County Agricultural Inspector, Richard Sanders at 218-470-8253.