Initial Damage Assessment Procedure

Why Submit Initial Damage Assessment Forms

Initial Damage Assessment Forms are used to serve as a tool to be utilized by local officials and others in conducting local damage assessments of publicly owned property. These forms enable local officials to determine the severity and magnitude of the event. The data is then analyzed to determine if the disaster related costs and damages could qualify for any State and/or Federal assistance.

Delaying and/or not submitting your jurisdiction’s disaster related costs and damages could make your organization ineligible for obtaining any State and/or Federal assistance.

Who Should Complete the Initial Damage Assessment Forms

Any public entity claiming to have disaster related costs and/or damages to its organization, such as:

  • Eligible private non-profit
  • Local government and public entities
  • State, county, city, townships or rural communities

What Should Be Documented

Initial Damage Assessment Forms

Complete the form(s) that pertain to your organization by providing the costs of your completed repairs per site.  If your repairs are not completed, please provide a rough estimate for your damages and/or eligible work per site.  At this time don’t send any invoices, insurance policies, pictures, and maps, but be ready to provide them when requested. After filling out the form(s) please save to your computer and send as an attachment via email or fax them to 218-281-6093. Please include your contact information.

You may need the "free" Adobe Reader to be able to open these forms.