Firearms & Snowmobiling Training Certificates

Duplicate Training Certificates

Duplicate firearms and snowmobiling training certificates are available you must provide:

  • Applicant’s driver’s license or Department of Natural Resources number
  • Social Security number

No Driver's License

If applicant does not have a driver’s license it may still be obtained with the applicant’s name, address, date of birth, and social security number.

For more information on hunting or fishing visit licenses and vehicle registrations page.

Snowmobile License & Registration

To obtain a snowmobile license and registration, the owner must provide:

  • Applicants driver’s license
  • Signed bill of sale from owner
  • Snowmobile engine size
  • Snowmobile make
  • Snowmobile model
  • Snowmobile serial number
  • Snowmobile year

Renewing License & Registration

To renew your snowmobile the owner must provide:

  • Applicants driver’s license
  • Minnesota registration number on the side of the snowmobile