COVID-19 Guidance for Farms and Agribusiness

Farms and agribusinesses have unique challenges with the rapidly spreading COVID-19. Polk County Public Health and the Northwestern Mental Health Center care about you and your family’s health and encourage the following recommendations to limit exposure and risk related to COVID-19 and ensure long and productive careers on your farm. It is critical to consider ways to limit person-to-person spread and practice social distancing from planting to the harvest season. These documents are recommended for all farmers, ag business owners, ag workers, parts and equipment suppliers, seed suppliers, financial institutions, attorneys and all other agribusinesses in Polk County. The following advice pertains to all owners, managers and employees. 

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Letter to Farms and Agribusiness

MDH Managing Stress and the Threat of COVID-19

Safe Practices for Agribusinesses

Safe Practices for Workers on the Farm 

Take Action Safety Practices 

Take Care of the Farms Most Important Asset

Clean Your Rig

Small Clean Your Rig 

Go Hands-Free

A Note on Work Gloves 

How to Make a Water Station