Notice of Intent to Amend Polk County Land Use/Zoning Ordinance

 Pursuant to MN Statute §375.51 and §394.26, notice of intention to adopt amendments to the Polk County Zoning Ordinance is hereby given. Polk Planning Commission will hold a public hearing for input on the following date: January 26, 2024 at 9:05 a.m. in the Polk County Environmental Services Building conference room at 320 Ingersoll Ave, Crookston, MN 56716.

 Language to be amended is listed below: 

Section 13 – General Agricultural District:  The proposed ordinance amendment is to remove the square footage limitations on non- agricultural use accessory structures for all parcels 1.5 acres and larger. Parcels less than 1.5 acres shall be regulated as such, the maximum size shall be 1,200 sq. ft.  Two or more accessory structures having a combined total of 1200 sq.ft. are permitted.  Additions to existing accessory structures will be permitted only in cases where the total square footage after the addition will not exceed 1,200 sq. ft.  Maximum sidewall height shall be 12 feet. Maximum total height from average grade shall be 17 feet.

Section 18-Shoreland Overlay District: The proposed ordinance amendment is to add that “the square footage of the non-riparian parcel or located a distance of 300 feet or more from the Ordinary High Water mark on a riparian parcel will determine the maximum square footage or combined square footage of accessory structure(s).  See chart below for maximum accessory structure square footage per parcel square footage.”

Parcel size in sq. ft.       Max accessory structure (sq.ft.)         Max combined (sq.ft.)

0 – 80,000                               2,400   Permitted Use                               3,200

80,001 – 240,000                    3,200   Conditional Use                            4,000

240,001 – 326,700                  4,000   Conditional Use                            4,800

326,701 – 435,600                  4,800   Conditional Use                            5,600

435,601 and over                    6,000   Conditional Use                            6,800

Copies of the referenced draft ordinance amendments may be viewed during regular business hours M-F 8am-5pm at Polk County Environmental Services, 320 Ingersoll Ave, Crookston, MN 56716, or on the Polk County Website:  To submit written comments, ask questions, or to request more information please contact Jacob Snyder at Polk County Environmental Services at (218) 281-5700 or (800) 482-6804.