N O T I C E 



Notice is hereby given that a hearing has been set for September 24, 2021 at 9:03 a.m. in the meeting room at Polk County Environmental Services, 320 Ingersoll Ave, Crookston, Minnesota to consider the application of Ronald Wald, 2221 11th Ave NW, East Grand Forks, MN 56721 for a Conditional Use Permit to hook a septic system to an existing accessory structure on a parcel of land described as:   Lot Eighteen (18), Luther’s Subdivision, Section Thirteen (13), Township One Hundred Forty-eight (148), North of Range Forty-four (44), West of the Fifth Principal Meridian, LESS: That part of Lot 18, beginning at the southwest corner of Lot 18, thence north-northwesterly a distance of fifteen (15) feet along the westerly boundary of Lot 18 to a point, thence along a line from this point to the southwest corner of Lot 18 on the shoreline of Maple Lake, and thence along the southerly boundary of Lot 18 to the point of beginning, parcel #30.00406.00.  All property owners within ¼ mile of the proposed Conditional Use Permit are invited to appear at said hearing.    

Dated: September 2, 2021

Jacob J. Snyder

Planning & Zoning Administrator